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Design related questions and issues become an integral part of the consistent communication necessary in a successful customer partnership. Not only is Genie adept at building your electronic assemblies, but we offer design for manufacturability consulting services as well. Our engineers are dedicated to continuous improvement of product quality; ensuring new products meet the exacting demands while striving to lower costs.

Design for manufacturability (dfm) and design for testability (dft) are critical parts of any new product we launch. These processes are often overlooked when third party design groups are introduced. Genie purposefully takes automation and manufacturing processes into careful consideration at the layout or design stage. This can take the form of strategic placement of certain materials to permit a smoother, more automated production flow. It may also include capitalizing on our strong component engineering capabilities to change part types, leaded to non-leaded, or any combination thereof to either enhance the flow and/or reduce the cost of the unit. The process is also designed to improve quality and compliance because best practices and materials are recommended to meet customer requirements.

Interestingly enough, many of our clients keep us fully abreast of potential changes or new designs, and make us a key part of their design process. They have seen firsthand the savings they can reap by taking advantage of the fine art that Genie has created and perfected in terms of its manufacturability services.